What to Expect

What to Expect

What’s a service like?

Emmaus offers a traditional style of worship following the liturgy that has been a part of the Lutheran Church for generations.  The word “liturgy” is generally understood to mean “the work of the people.”  As a congregation we do that “work” by coming together to offer our worship and praise in thankfulness for all that God has done for us in our lives.  We share God’s written and spoken word as well as come to the altar to receive the Word made flesh offered in the bread and the wine of Holy Communion.  Worship at Emmaus is a shared opportunity to give joyful thanksgiving for God’s grace and peace.

What's the music like?

Emmaus is blessed with a strong and lively musical tradition that offers everyone an opportunity to lift up their voices in praise of God.

How do people dress?

There is no dress code at Emmaus.  People wear what is comfortable, remembering that they are coming into God’s house for worship. 

What about my kids?

Children of all ages are welcome to be a part of our weekly worship.  During the school year, children age 3 through 5th grade usually stay for the first part of the service and then go to Sunday School after the children’s sermon.  The rest of the year, children are welcome to stay for the entire worship service.  There is a nursery area available for parents to use if their child needs a break from worship.

Can I take communion?

Holy Communion is offered on the first, third and fifth Sundays of the month.  All baptized Christians are invited to share in the bread and the wine of the altar.  Children who do not yet commune are invited to come to the altar for a blessing.